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Over the past 13 years, the Trust has supported schools with funds to visit the visitor centre through either subsidised admission costs or transport costs. From April 2015, the emphasis will be on supporting school children and community projects with an education relevance which would otherwise not be achievable. Grants for subsidised visits to Making it! discovery centre are no longer available.

Please ensure you read our application guidelines to ensure you meet the funding criteria and are able to meet the outputs. Make sure you let us have all the relevant information to enable the Trustees to make a decision. Please also read the Grant Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your application.

Application Guidelines

The Making it Industrial Heritage Trust supports schools and community projects with an education relevance. Grants are made primarily for education. Check that your project meets the funding criteria.

  1. Funding Criteria

    Applications will only be considered from schools/community projects for activities with an educational relevance.

  2. Level of Grant available

    • Level 1 Ad hoc educational projects – up to £1000

    • Level 2 Educational equipment/D&T kits not normally provided by schools – up to £500. The Trust will pay for the provision of D&T kits for either KS1 or KS2 – click link for details of individual kits available.

    • Level 3­ Transport costs to a facility providing educational workshops – up to £250

    • Level 4­ Educational visit – up to £10 per child

    If you have a project that does not fit into any of the above categories, please contact our office to discuss and we will advise whether to go forward and submit an application form or not.

  3. Application Form

    Click on the link below to download our application form and email or post the completed form back to our registered office.

    Download grant application form

    We will confirm receipt by email and will endeavor to respond within four weeks.

    See our Educational Kits page

  4. Grant Terms & Conditions

    A copy of the grant terms and conditions will be sent out prior to your grant monies being released and should be signed to accept the terms and conditions.

    The grant cannot be released until the signed document is received by our office.

    Click on this link to view a copy of the terms and conditions in advance.